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For over a decade, Taylor-Brooke has had a desire to serve and support women in motherhood - one of the most beautiful and challenging roles a woman fills in her lifetime! As a doula, her goal is to get to know each mama-to-be to serve and support her in a way that is personal and most helpful to her. Taylor-Brooke is a very peaceful person, and rock solid - a perfect combo to have by your side for labor & birth.

Taylor-Brooke learns & loves together with her husband, Tony, and their three awesome kids. Most days you can find Taylor-Brooke running, cooking, and creating useful, pretty things.

Amye has a passion for helping women chart for fertility (both to achieve pregnancy and to holistically prevent). She loves helping women learn how God designed their unique bodies and cycles. She enjoys walking women through pregnancy and birth, answering questions and concerns. Supporting women during labor is where she is able to use her gifts of discernment and encouragement. She wants to help make the process of fertility and birth less confusing and more joy-filled.

Amye loves to garden, knit, bake, and cook. She, her husband, and her three kiddos hope to grow their small urban farm one day to house goats, honey bees, vegetables, apple trees, and lots of chickens.

Amye Olivero and Taylor-Brooke Hill are passionate about helping women walk through the beautiful process of bringing life into the world.  If you are interested in meeting with us to see if we are a good fit, just contact us!

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