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Holistic Fertility


“My husband and I are in the process of trying to start a family. After trying for a year, we decided it was time to get some outside help. A friend of mine recommended Amye. I contacted her right away and she was quick to respond and help! After charting for less than two months, Amye was able to share with me what she thought was going on with my body based off of my charts. I was then able to go to the doctor and I was shocked to find out that my tests revealed the same issue. I had no idea that charting could teach me so much about my body! Thanks to Amye, I am now very aware of how my body works, my cycle each month, and the root of my fertility issue. I now am so encouraged for a future pregnancy. My husband and I have deemed Amye “fertility Amye” because she is so wonderful with helping those that struggle with fertility. God has truly gifted her! My husband and I are eternally grateful for Amye’s willingness to help us in our fertility journey!” -Eliza W.

“Amye was our Doula for the birth of our first child. Evelyn Marie Ferrell arrived September 30 at 8:06 am through an unmedicated, vaginal birth, and we COULD NOT have done it without Amye! She was a true gift to my husband and I! She helped us decide when it was necessary to head to the hospital and we appreciated her calm and supportive presence alongside us… so much so that we definitely felt a difference when she stepped out of the room to get water or go to the restroom:). Amye did a great job of coaching and encouraging me through each contraction. She reminded me often that I could do it, and that my body was created to be able to birth a baby. In the most difficult moments of transition, she kept me focused on one contraction at a time, and that soon my baby would be here. Whether you are considering an unmedicated birth or not, we highly recommend having a Doula by your side, and we know Amye will serve you and your family well! We already plan to have her with us at the birth of our next child… a couple years down the road, of course!” – Jen F.

“Amye’s knowledge and help with my charting has been more beneficial than I could ever have imagined. Amye worked with me starting about a year before I was married so I could learn how to chart and get to know my cycle before the wedding. My husband and I wanted to have a year or two together before having kids, but we wanted to find a birth control method that was natural and allowed both of us to be involved with the process. I was surprised with and loved how much I learned about my own body and am excited to think about all we will learn, with Amye’s help, throughout the coming years.” – Carly M.

“As a frugal (read: cheap) husband, I was a little reluctant to give in to my wife’s request for a Doula with our recent pregnancy. Fast forward 5 months, 40 hours of labor, and many unexpected twists and turns, I can’t even imagine going through our birth without Amye’s help! Not only did we get the benefit of one on one training for things like breathing, feeding, and the stages of labor, but Amye took the time to go over our fears and questions throughout pregnancy, sending us peer-reviewed articles on different birth topics, and being flexible to our needs. Amye came to our house for early labor, helped me as the husband A TON through labor at the hospital, guided us on making important decisions, and was with us through the night as we spent lots of time trying to get that baby out! With some tough choices to face at the 30+ hour point, Amye was a wealth of knowledge and gave us some peace in our decision during a very stressful time. I’m not sure we are talking about more kids just yet…but whenever we get there, we will absolutely be using Amye again!!”- Geoffrey C.

Birth Support

“Amye is fantastic and has an amazing heart for women. She has so many strengths in many different areas including being an incredible encourager, listener and friend. After trying to get pregnant for about a year my husband and I were extremely discouraged. I talked to Amye about it and she started coaching me through charting and tracking everything. Within 3 months, my husband and I conceived our first child. We were elated! Amye didn’t stop there–she continued to walk with me through my pregnancy journey and was available for any question that I had….no matter how serious or silly. Honestly, I would not want to have anyone else by my side helping me with my pregnancy journey. Amye has taught me so much about charting & fertility….. I could not recommend meeting with her enough.” – Bekah B.

“It was such a blessing to have Amye as our doula for the birth of our third child. She came fully prepared to help me through labor. Not only did she help me labor at home but she also let me know when it was time to head to the hospital. When I got there I was already dilated to 8cm and an hour later our sweet baby girl was born. I was able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth of a 9lb 3oz baby. I didn’t have a doula for my other births and am so happy we decided to have one this time! Amye helped keep me focused and gave me so much confidence. I feel that her knowledge and presence were invaluable to us! My husband and I were beyond thankful to have Amye as our doula and couldn’t recommend her enough!!” – Julie M.

“Taylor-Brooke attended my birth and was so willing to do anything and everything to help out. My midwife came with a two person birth team, but Taylor-Brooke was there to hold my hand, remind me to breathe, and talk me through the final stages of labor. After the birth, she went above and beyond taking pictures, reminding me to drink water and even made me a sandwich! She thought of all the things my blissful, exhausted mommy-brain was not thinking about. My husband also felt more at ease knowing there was someone there who could help him help me in case he got overwhelmed or began to shut down. Even though this was our second birth, we were so much more confident knowing we could fully rely on Taylor-Brooke!” – Shelby T