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Holistic Fertility

Amye's heart and passion is to help women learn their bodies. Each person's cycle is unique and can be impacted by many circumstances. She has helped many women learn their cycles, whether to achieve or abstain from pregnancy. She is professionally trained in the sympto-thermal method. Living in a broken world has made fertility overwhelming and discouraging for so many. Her desire is to make the process less confusing and more joy-filled, and to honor the value of life in the process.

Abstaining from pregnancy
Natural Family Planning, using the sympto-thermal method, only has a 2-3% failure rate. That is better or equal to most forms of birth control! Learn how to correctly follow this method to abstain from pregnancy without the use of hormones, chemicals, or surgical procedures.

Achieving pregnancy
God is the giver of life, and He has created every woman to have a unique cycle. Amye is committed to not only walking with you through charting, but also praying and encouraging you during the process. Charting correctly has been shown to be incredibly effective when trying to get pregnant. However, the process can be overwhelming. (Also, many times, it is done incorrectly due to inadequate training). Amye has walked with women through infertility and has shed tears of joy with women when God answers prayers of new life at the end of the charting process.

Consulting and Classes
Amye offers individualized coaching and support as you become intentional about your physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health. Intelligent, efficient methods are used for fertility and prevention education, allowing you to learn all of the factors involved with fertility in the comfort of your own home. Amye and her husband, Jeff, also offer classes to couples in a small-group format (class dates to be announced). Jeff and Amye are both trained in the sympto-thermal method.

Pricing differs depending on your needs. Contact Amye for details.

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