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Is a doula and a midwife the same thing?

​     No, a doula does not provide medical care.  Doctors, midwives, and nurses provide medical care, such as giving medical advice, diagnosing, performing vaginal exams, fetal heart monitoring, and delivering your baby.  A birth doula provides different services, such as education, relaxation & pain management techniques, helping with labor positions, emotional support, and helping with breastfeeding.

If I am happy on the pill, why would I want to switch to NFP?

​     There are many reasons to stop taking hormonal birth control, including reduced risk of cancer, blood clots, heart attacks, and stroke. Married couples who use NFP as their form of birth control have been found to have improved communication, more enjoyable sex, and experience greater intimacy. Rather than birth control falling on the woman to maintain, this method involves the couple.

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If I want to become pregnant, will charting really help me?
     Absolutely. Without charting, you are essentially guessing when you ovulate. Charting takes the guessing out. Through a chart, you can tell if you are ovulating, when you are ovulating and what your fertile window is. Our cycles are indicators of our overall health. Charting can even show if there is a deeper health concern or if your body is ready to for a healthy pregnancy.

Is Natural Family Planning (NFP) the same thing as the "rhythm method"?

​     No. The rhythm method (also referred to as the "calendar method") is not the same as NFP. Using NFP, such as the sympto-thermal method, you can learn your unique and complex cycle through a process of taking your basal body temperature, checking your cervical mucus and cervical position. This is a scientific process that helps you learn your body. It is not a guessing game. After a few months of charting, you can know with confidence, when your fertile window is (best time to get pregnant) and when are your "safe days" (time of infertility/safe time to have sex if preventing pregnancy). This is a proven method, better or equal to many forms of birth control (2-3% failure rate), if trained correctly and rules are followed.

     There are several forms of NFP, including Sympto-Thermal, Creighton Model, Billings Ovulation Model, Marquette Model, and Fertility Awareness Method. Amye is professional trained in specifically the Sympto-Thermal method, but all of these methods are similar.

Birth Support

What is a birth doula?

​     A birth doula provides a mama-to-be with information, emotional support, and practical help, surrounding childbirth.  We serve you, so that you can focus on bringing forth your baby! Prenatally, we provide you with trustworthy and current information concerning childbirth, and help you think through your birth decisions.  During labor and birth, we are with you the entire time, equipped with lots of birth experience, comfort measures, relaxation techniques, methods to help labor progress well, our undivided attention, and honoring, empowering encouragement.  After the birth of your baby, we provide you with information and support for postpartum healing and breastfeeding.

     Women supported by a birth doula have shorter labors, are less likely to end up with C-sections, and report being more satisfied with their birth.

Read more about the evidence for birth doulas here!

Are doulas only for "natural" births?

​     Birth doulas are for every birthing mama!  The support of a birth doula is beneficial in any type of birth.  Our job is not to make decisions for you, or to try to convince you that we have a way of birthing that is best.  Our job is to SUPPORT YOU.

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Why do I need a doula?

     A doula provides constant support and is all about you. A doula is hired by you to work for you.  A doula assures that you are not alone during birth. This allows your partner to take needed bathroom and coffee breaks. 
     A doula is a resource of knowledge for you and your partner. We are trained to help with prenatal care questions, help you determine the best time to go to the hospital, help with pain management, and many other needs that may arise during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 
     A doula can help lower birth risk. More and more studies are coming out showing the important role doulas play in a healthy birth.

What is the Eden's Promise Initiative?

​​     Bringing together some of Colorado Springs’ biggest hearts, Eden’s Promise collaborates with Christian birth professionals across the city to bring the true message of the gospel into every home. (No judgy greater-than-thou-ness here!) Rich or poor, great or small, married or single, we have a heart for you. We will come alongside you as your entourage, cheering you and supporting you with the greatest of Love, through one of the grandest adventures life can offer.

Isn't NFP for Catholics?

​     NFP is for any woman desiring to become more in tune with and aware of her body; any couple wanting to learn how to manage their fertility together.

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Does a doula replace a supportive partner?

​     No. Our goal at Summit Doulas is to work with your support partner(s) as you work to bring life into the world. We hope that birth is a memorable bonding time with those you choose to be apart of it and work to make that a reality.